Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Finish Line - 1 Month Coordination


For you super savvy people, who can do it all but need a pro you can trust to take over at the finish line. I’m here to help you relax and actually enjoy your day.


What’s included?

  • Initial meeting 

  • Looking over your schedule to check nothing has been missed

  • Any additional supplier recommendation 

  • Site visit to discuss your vision 

  • Unlimited phone calls prior to the wedding

  • On day dressing and styling of the venue 

  • Coordinating all suppliers

  • On the day attendance until the party kicks off (9hrs, then £50ph onwards)


Handing Over The Reins - 3 Months Coordination


You know what and how you want it but need a pro to look over the plans, fill in the missing details and book missing vendors. Basically, wherever you’re at, I’ll take the wheel and drive it over the finish line.


What’s included:

  • Initial meeting

  • Looking over and completing the final stages of planning

  • Filling in missing vendors

  • Hiring additional suppliers

  • Suggesting last minute design ideas

  • Firming up the wedding schedule

  • Confirming and coordinating all suppliers

  • Pre-wedding set up

  • Regular check-ins once weekly for the first 2 months then unlimited calls 4 weeks before the do

  • On the day attendance until the party kicks off (9hrs, then £50ph onwards)


Bespoke Do, Just For You


You don’t fit the mould, have almost sorted everything but are stuck on a few things and need that extra help. We can come up with the perfect plan just for you.

Price according to your needs and my time. Let's do it!


The Full Sher-bang! - 6-12 Months Coordination


If you are one of the super busy peeps who can chuck some serious dosh at their epic do, I can be in charge of it all.

What’s included:

  • Initial meeting where I suss out who you are as a couple, take your dream wedding brief

  • Venue finding

  • Theme design ideas

  • Wedding styling

  • All the suppliers sourcing and hire

  • Handling of the budget

  • Wedding schedule

  • Regular check-ins once a fortnight for first 6 months, unlimited 4 weeks before

  • Organising tasting sessions

  • Supplier coordination

  • There the day before for set up if need be, on the day for 9hrs and back for clear up supervision


Wedding Styling


You got the planning and logistics sorted but need help with creating the look?  No problem. I will work with you to create the most amazing styling concept and help bring it to life.

What’s included:

  • Initial meeting

  • Site visit to discuss your vision

  • Designing of a concept moodboard

  • Supplier recommendation

  • Coordination of all suppliers

  • On the day dressing and styling of the venue


Contact me for more info on taking your wedding and parties in and around London from meh to mindblowing

or email zuza@thehullabaloocollective.com


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