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Meet Zuza McKen,

The Ringmaster

Hi, I’m Zuza McKen, the founder and creative planning whip of the Hullabaloo Collective.


Originally from Croatia, I found my home in London 20 odd years ago, while exploring and trying to figure out where to direct my passion and creativity. I’m a massive believer in ‘you should do what you love’ (not one for wearing a suit to work!), which led me to the buzzy and aesthetically ‘mwah’ world of advertising.


Over the years I got some serious training in logistics, what works visually and how to deal with real divas. Frankly, after dealing with the egos of the advertising world, perfectionist brides are a piece of (wedding) cake.


Being a child of the 70’s, I love everything boho, retro, rustic and vintage. For me, a festival style wedding in a field under a tipi or in a barn is an ultimate dream. But coming of age in London means I do love an urban edge.  I think combining the two can look really cool. I also dig working with an indie couple who go against the grain and want to do everything anti-wedding and are wondering what to do instead of a wedding. The quirkier - the better.


If, like me, you find traditional weddings a bit cringe, I’m your kinda gal (seriously, I’m all over unconventional wedding ideas).


I LIVE for tapping into people’s fantasies and making them a reality. From the moment I am given the brief, my imagination sets off and there’s no stopping that crazy train.  I’ll dream, breathe and live your party till it’s done to perfection. 


With me, you don’t just get your usual party & wedding planner, you get a new gal pal who’s making sure everything runs according to plan. ‘I’s dotted. ‘T’s crossed. On. Point. 


Trained with Bernadette Chapman at UKWAP and completed an extensive wedding planning course.

Trained with Ashleigh Li at Pink Palms Events for wedding design and styling.


Here at The Hullabaloo Collective we love, welcome and work with all humans, without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, origin or disability.  We only work with couples and suppliers practising the same principles.

Who is the collective I hear you ask?


Although I run this Hullabaloo, I’m nothing without my team.  I am super lucky to have some serious back up from a force of extraordinary, talented, savvy and supportive creatives and suppliers. 

And of course, some special fellow planners that I would recommend in a heartbeat if I find that I cannot do the project.  A massive believer in ‘sharing is caring’.


I currently live in Tooting, South London, with my “best dancer” husband, 3 naughty mini dudes, fat cat called Miha and our Frenchie called Ziggy Stardust.  I love reading fantasy, big fan of street art, mad about good food and never miss a club night whenever my fave old school DJs are spinning those funky disco tunes!


Give me a bell and let’s start chatting about what kinda epic party you have in mind. But only if you can handle a serious amount of enthusiasm!

Whole Lotta Love,

image by Amanda Summons @amandasummonsphotography

Contact me for more info on taking your wedding and parties from meh to mindblowing on 07855 960 614

or email zuza@thehullabaloocollective.com


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