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Josie is our go-to creative writer. She can write the funnest, wittiest, bespoke invitations, thank you cards, display cards, party games – the list can go on.

Party games can be incredibly cringey when they’re not done right. Luckily Josie is on-hand with the kind of organised fun that loosens people up and makes a party truly memorable.


Fancy a baby shower quiz where guests have to pair celebrities with their ludicrously named infants (Moxie Crimefighter anyone)? How about a treasure hunt leading guests on a mini tour of the bars near your house (shots optional)? Or a dinner party where everyone has to work their own ridiculous phrase into dinner conversation without anyone noticing (try working ‘I miss being in a Mariachi band’ into your next supper with friends)?


Josie has nothing but ideas and a track record of making weddings, birthday parties and baby showers at least 90% more fun than they would be otherwise.

For a glimpse into Josie’s mind, take a look at her range of greetings cards on

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