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Put a ring on it - ethically sourced engagement rings

Updated: May 12, 2020

Ah, that perfect ring is hard to find. Especially for some poor blokes who are often totally clueless when it comes to getting it right (well mine was for sure!). If you aren’t blessed with the clued up partner, the best and a super fun thing to do is to go ring hunting together. As this is impossible at the moment, do your research on-line. That way you can steer your other half in the right direction and still feign a surprise when they pop the question. No nasty surprises, happy you, panic over = tears of joy (not of horror).

But there are so many things to consider when making that investment: the colour of the metal - will it suit your skin tone? The colour of the stone - what's your favourite colour? The size of the stone - will it suit your hand? Do you fancy a simple or an intricate design that will stand the test of time? (don’t we all change our minds every few years?).

And the biggest one of all should be: Is it ethically sourced?!

I love these guys. Their rings are just beautiful and their ethos is bang on. They call it..

Gemstone Karma.

“At Fenton we source all of our gemstones ourselves, often directly from the country of origin, cutting out multiple layers of middlemen in the process which would otherwise drive prices up. This allows us to offer them at a fairer price AND know that we are buying from countries with ethical practices, bringing you better value as well as a clear conscience - that’s Gemstone Karma”

Do check them out @fentonandco

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