11 foolproof steps to your ultimate shindig...

Planning a party? Then buy a few blinis and blow up a few balloons. Sorted, right? Not so much. Our party-planning expertise is a tried and tested way to remove the stress from hosting and ensure your celebration is utterly memorable. If you’re stuck for ideas, short on time or organising isn’t your thang, give us a call and we’ll make things happen.

1. The Theme

What’s the occasion? Children’s birthday party? Milestone birthday party? Hen party? Baby shower?


Whatever you’re celebrating, we’ve got 100s of theme ideas. And deciding on one together with you is the springboard we need to create your completely unforgettable, bespoke event. It all starts here, so let’s brainstorm together. We promise it’ll be fun.

2. The Budget

Our job is to make your party budget work as hard as it can; we’re talking maximum bang / bling / booze / bougie-ness for your buck. Once you’ve set out what you want to spend, we’ll make it happen, handling all the admin and leaving you free to get excited about the fun bits.

3. The Nitty Gritty

Set the date, work out the guest list, then give some thought to the venue. A modest guest list means throwing your party at home could be a savvy option. But if you’re going all out then you’ll need somewhere fabulous to accommodate all those pals of yours. Luckily our little black book is full to bursting with excellent venues of all styles and sizes across London and the surrounding areas.

4. The Invites

A party without guests is just plain sad. That’s why ‘Save the date’, isn’t just a cute thing people say. Sending out invites at least three weeks before your do means your VIPs should be there, and you won’t have to resort to any sloppy seconds. Our in-house designers will put together a killer invite to reflect the theme of your party and build anticipation for the main event...

5. The Cake

A cake isn’t just a sugar hit for when you’re guests are starting to lull, it’s a focal point for any big celebration. That’s what makes our master bakers tick; they live to create delicious centre-pieces of the most mind-blowing designs. Give them a few weeks notice and they’ll produce a masterpiece to knock your socks off, whatever your theme!

6. The Food

This is where we really take some beating. Our squad of different caterers covers a whole spectrum of flavours, cuisines and styles, so whatever you’re after, we have a lady whose food will blow you and your guests away. From glamorous vegan to rustic Italian, we’ve got it all. Pre-party tasting sessions are thoroughly recommended!

7. The Drinks


Fancy spending your party running around, keeping guests’ glasses topped up? Nope. That’s why we provide the option of serving staff, bartenders and even mixologists if you’re that type of cat. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t have goals of hosting a party with your very own mixologist?


8. The Entertainment 

We know what you’re thinking; party entertainer = cringe. But we have a list of options that’ll change your mind. Our children’s party entertainers are tried and tested on the toughest little audiences out there. Our face painter will blow your mind. Our DJs, bands, pianists, string quartets; they’ve all got the gift of taking a party from ‘meh’ to ‘magnifique’. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment.


9. The Photographer

Everyone fancies themselves as a semi-professional photographer these days. But if you’re hosting a party to remember then you’ll want to document it with something more than a blurry bathroom selfie of you and your mates. A professional photographer is just one of those investments that no host ever regrets making.


10. The Finishing Touches

Pinterest has a lot of answer for. We can all picture exactly how we want our party to look but making it a reality isn’t quite so easy. Queue Hullabaloo. We’ve got a proven track record of making parties look on point, whatever your theme. And we specialise in those little details that make people go “ooooh!”.


11. The outfit (one of the most important things!)

Well, you need to be the Belle of the Ball....

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